After the flood: the Quyon Community Centre



Kate Aley


Guy Faubert

The flood last month took its toll on many riverside properties and the Lions Club hall on Ferry Road in Quyon was no exception. Indeed, the parking area of the hall frequently goes underwater in early spring. Now, pending the demolition of the building and the construction of a new one, asked the very busy Dominic Labrie, communication agent for the Municipality of Pontiac, three quick questions about the matter.

P2020: Is there a date for the demolition of the Lions Club?

Labrie: Not yet. A geotechnical study must be completed this week to better understand the structure of the ground. Phase 2 of an environmental study must also be conducted to make sure the soil is not contaminated. The first phase of the environmental study and the asbestos testing went well, which was no surprise.

P2020: When do we expect construction of the new Community Center to start?

Labrie: The plans are done. We need to get the geotechnical study before going to tender as it could have a important impact on the cost.

Flood damage to the fence by the picnic area facing the river at the Lions Club.

P2020: Does the new building HAVE to go exactly where the old one was?

Labrie: At the last Council meeting in May, Mayor Larose said it is important that the new Community Center resist flooding. In times of crisis, this center is set to become a disaster relief center. We must be able to count on it.

That being said, we must note that the Lions Club Hall did resist an unprecedented flood. There was no water inside. Of course we must see if we can ensure its accessibility in times of flood. We have had discussion with the Ministry of the Environment about this issue.

If we are not allowed to protect the new parking lot and the new Community Center, Mayor Larose will certainly considered other options: i.e. finding another spot in Quyon.

Debris from the high water still litters the fences around the Lions Club park.