And chickens for all: poultry for hire makes small-scale farming even easier



Kate Aley

Nothing comes without it's own set of unique complications. Take owning chickens for example. How will you feed them? How will you house them? How will you stop the first passing fox from making a pleasant meal of them? Enter Dave Rene de Cotret, who believes that the joys and benefits of having chickens in your garden does not have to be a traumatic experience.

Mr. Rene de Cotret launched his new business Chickens For Rent this spring, although he has been working on the concept for some time. For a fee, customers recieve two to four nice young chickens, their food and bedding and a moveable coop. Everything is delivered by Mr. Rene de Cotret, who will give about an hour of advice and training to establish the mini-flock. Customers then enjoy fresh eggs every day as well as having grass trimmed and fertilised until mid to late fall, when Mr. Rene de Cotret will return to take the set-up away.

"I give [customers] the basics," explained Mr. Rene de Cotret, who has a large and diverse flock of chickens himself, including two Guineau fowl. "Chickens are living beings and people need to use common sense to care for them and protect them. Customers sign a rental agreement for the coop and chickens but they do have the option to buy them if they wish."

The chickens are of the commercial ISA brown breed, well known for reliable laying. Two chickens could lay ten to fourteen eggs within seven days. 

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