Anti-Corruption Unit Opens Investigation in Pontiac



Thomas Soulière Investigative Report

Luskville sector — Six members of the Province’s permanent anti-corruption unit (UPAC) descended on the Municipality of Pontiac last Thursday after material was submitted to the unit concerning the activities of a former contract employee temporarily assigned to head the Public Works division.

While two of the investigators initially visited another undisclosed location, four other members of UPAC arrived at the town hall located in the Luskville sector just a little after 10am on the morning of December 15th to interview Mayor Roger Larose and Director General Benedikt Kuhn and examine documents.  UPAC’s investigators remained on the premises until just after 4pm, 7 hours after arriving.

When asked about their visit, members of the squad declined to give comment to  However, a spokesperson for the Anti-Corruption team did confirm UPAC’s visit to the Municipality, saying only that it was part of an ongoing investigation. has learned through sources that UPAC was alerted by a resident of Pontiac about the activities and representations of a former employee that was hired through an employment agency back in September to temporarily head the municipality’s public works department.

The municipal Council voted to terminate the employee’s contract on December 9th, 2016, at a special meeting held on November 24th.  The employee however, was relieved of their duties later the same week, somewhat before the prescribed termination of their contract slated for December.


*CORRECTION:  The special council meeting referred to in the last paragragh of November 29th was incorrect and has been replaced with the proper date of November 24th.