Breakfast Club: the most important part of your day



Kate Aley

Luskville's elementary school, Notre Dame de la Joie, needs your help. The daily Breakfast Club (organised by the non profit organsiation Club des Petits Dejeuners) requires more volunteers to help prepare and serve breakfast to 95 students at the school every morning.

Under the exceptionally dedicated direction of Helene Belisle, volunteers cut up fruit, toast bagels and waffles and pour glasses of milk or juice for the children. They then help serve and clean up the meal. 

Obviously, the Club ensures young stomachs are filled for a full day of learning. But it also has another, more subtle but equally vital purpose.

"Some of the students at Breakfast Club are dropped off at the pre-school daycare by working parents so early that they can't really be fed before they leave home," explained Mme. Belisle, who has been directing the Club at Notre Dame since 1998. "But there are also students from families that cannot afford feed their children properly before school. The other students eating with them help to prevent them feeling singled out as 'poor' or underprivileged. That is very important to us. The Club is inclusive and answers the need that families may have."

In general, the Breakfast Club volunteers at Notre Dame work from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. one day per week or every second week. Anglophones are very welcome.

To sign up or ask for more information, call Helene Belisle at 819 455 9416.


Fromage? Fruit?

I worked for the Breakfast Club when my kids went to Notre Dame and have just started again this year. My French was far from strong and I'm still search for words more than occasionally, but I learned a lot at the Club. The kids are happy, curious and very generous when it comes to listen to someone (me) try to accurately pronounce jus d'orange at 7 a.m. I'd encourage anyone with a hour and a half to spare in the morning to help at Breakfast Club. I can't over-emphasize the difference that it makes.