Breakfast time! Volunteers sought for important role at school



Helene Belilse

Are you an early riser? Do you like to work as a team? Do you adore milk mustaches and jam on little fingers? Then you must join us as a volunteer at the Breakfast Club at Notre Dame de la Joie school in Luskville.

It makes everyone feel good!

For more information, call Hélène Bélisle, volunteer co-ordinator, at 819 455 9416 or email

Vous êtes lève tôt et aimez le travail d'équipe, les moustaches de lait et la confiture sur les petits doigts? Alors joignez vous à l'équipe de bénévoles du club des petits déjeuner de l'École Notre Dame de la Joie.

Tout le monde y gagne!

Pour plus d'information appelé Hélène Bélisle au 819 455 9416  ou courriel:



Being a Breakfast Club volunteer is one of those things that makes you feel so amazingly good about the whole wide world, it should be on everyone's list. It's more than simply feeding kids; although that is a massive thing in itself. It's the friendships built through working as a team, the fun found in new encounters with savvy six-year-olds and the knowledge that you are making a difference to little lives in a big, big way. I can't recommend it enough. 


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