Build it and they will come: Luskville recreation area make-over plans



Kate Aley

Eight people representing various user demographics gathered at the Luskville Community Centre on Nov. 5 to discuss ways the recreation area on Hwy. 148, (#3206) could be refurbished and improved. Led by the Municipality of Pontiac’s (MoP) community development officer Meghan Lewis, the group defined ways in which the area could be come more accessible and useful to the people of the municipality. asked Lewis to summarize the ideas brought to the meeting.

P2020: How many parks are there in the MoP?

Lewis: There are currently six parks: five neighborhood parks and one municipal park, [that] being the Luskville Recreation Park. The recreational park in Quyon is not owned by the Municipality. The Luskville recreation park is the only central and multipurpose municipal park in the MoP.

P2020: What does it currently host?  

Lewis: Right now, it is comprised of a children’s play area, skating rink, skate park equipment, two baseball diamonds, a petanque (bocce) area and a soccer field as well as a small service building.

P2020: What are some current issues with the park?

Lewis: Although it is widely used by residents of all ages all year round, it is in great need of repair and renovations. With respect to its Age-Friendly Municipality policy and action plan, as well as its imminent Municipal Family Policy, the MoP wishes to develop a vision of how the park should be upgraded.

P2020: What was the goal of the focus group meeting?

Lewis: The consultation regarding the Luskville Recreation Park, led by the Municipality in partnership with Loisir-Sport Outaouais (, aims at including citizen’s ideas and opinions in building a vision of how the park should be developed. The goal [was to] to pinpoint the areas and infrastructures that need upgrading to better meet the needs of Pontiac residents and also to include ideas that will allow the park to be a safer, more welcoming and multifunctional community space.  

P2020: How have people added their ideas to the list?

Lewis: As a first step, an online survey was published and 120 respondents across the Municipality were generous is sharing their ideas and needs with regards to the Park. Then on Nov. 5, a Focus-Group comprised of eight residents of all ages participated in a workshop to re-design their “ideal” park. Some children also participated and were able to also contribute their ideas.

P2020: When will a decision be made about what to do next?

Lewis: The next step will be for council members to prioritize which ideas will be taken into account in the next budget.

P2020: Is there a deadline for suggestions?

Lewis: Although the consultation period is over, if residents have any further ideas or wish to express their needs concerning the park, they can contact me at the municipality.

Contact Meghan Lewis at the MoP office (819 455 2401, ext. 135) with any further ideas.