Bunny fun: Luskville playgroup celebrates Easter



Kate Aley

Spring is here we're told, but it's still so gray and cold outside. Where can you take your under 5's when you have exhausted all the DVD options? To the free playgroup in Luskville, of course.

Above from left, Comité 0-5 animator Lisa Corrigan with personal friend Helga the rabbit and an ardent admirer at the Luskville playgroup's Easter event.

Members of five families gathered at the Luskville Library on Monday March 19 to play games, sing songs and explore the fun and colour of spring. The playgroups are facilitated by the Table de développement social de Pontiac (TDSP), based in Campbell's Bay and funded by Avenir d'Enfants, which serves the entire MRC Pontiac, plus the Municipality of Pontiac. 

The Luskville playgroup presents bilingual events and activities three times per month, both at the library and the Community Centre.

The free playgroups are flexible and forgiving. "You don't have to be here on time and you don't have to call to reserve a place," reassures animator Lisa Corrigan. "We always provide a snack for each child, plus a little surprise to take home."

Moms and young ones enjoy some mat time.

"There is no 'downtown' to Luskville so this [playgroup] is a great place for parents to talk to other adults and let kids meet each other," Corrigan said. "It's quite possible these children will grow up to go to school together. I've seen a lot of friendships start at playgroups, for both kids and parents."

Face painting and egg decorating? Mondays can't get better than this.

The mission of the Table de développment social du Pontiac Comité​ 0-5 ans is to "favour development of the 0-5 years olds within our territory .... to experience successful integration into school, [while] taking into account individuality at developmental levels". Comité 0-5 projects include projects which encourage language stimulation and offer support for home daycare providers, breastfeeding mothers and parents learning French.

Find out more about the playgroups and other services offered by the TDSP across the Pontiac region at Facebook.com/05pontiac or by contacting 

Lisa Corrigan at 819 648 2825 or at anim05pontiac_est@hotmail.com

Nos autres nouvelles / Our other News

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The OC Transpo bus Route 76, destined for downtown Ottawa, was travelling north on the Transitway when it collided with Train 51, which came from Montreal and was heading west to Toronto.

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Very close to 1000 AD, an earthquake estimated at a magnitude of 6.1 — or possibly stronger — shook this region enough to cause 10 major landslides.

One of them, at Quyon, covered an area of 31 square kilometres stretching back from the Ottawa River along the Quyon River valley.

And scientist Gregory Brooks, who studied the slides, says the same seismic conditions are present today.

That means a big earthquake like the one Brooks studies, though very rare, could happen again.

Les citoyens du secteur d'Aylmer débattent


«Il faut intégrer tous les modes de transport dans le secteur d'Aylmer. On a besoin dun plan de déplacement et aussi créer un comité permanent sur le transport à la Ville. Avec ça, on pourra mieux préparer et structurer les idées pour les mettre en oeuvre», a indiqué M. Powles.

Pour ce qui touche au développement résidentiel, les participants étaient nombreux à faire mention de l'aspect patrimonial. Le secteur d'Aylmer est le seul à avoir conservé un «bon état de son passé».

AVIS PUBLIC — Municipalité de Pontiac


EST PAR LES PRÉSENTES DONNÉ par le soussigné directeur général de la susdite municipalité

Qu’une assemblée publique de consultation aura lieu le samedi, 14 septembre 2013 entre 13h00 et 17h00 au Centre communautaire de Luskville, situé au 2024 Route 148, Pontiac, Québec, pour présenter les projets de règlement de remplacement suivants :

Plan d’urbanisme 09-13, règlement de Zonage 10-13, règlement de Lotissement 11-13,  règlement de Construction 12-13, règlement de CCU 15-13, règlement de dérogation mineur 16-13, règlement de PIIA 14-13, règlement de Permis et Certificats 13-13.

PUBLIC NOTICE — Municipality of Pontiac


IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned Director General of the Municipality of Pontiac

That a public consultation meeting will be held on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. at the Luskville Community center, located at 2024 Route 148, Pontiac, Quebec, to present the following draft replacement by-laws:

Urban planning 09-13, Zoning by-law 10-13, Subdivision by-law 11-13, Building by-law 12-13, by-law 13-13 Respecting Permits and Certificates, by-law 14-13 on Site Planning and Architectural Integration,  by-law 15-13 establishing the Advisory Planning Committee, by-law 16-13 concerning Minor Exemptions to Urban Planning by-laws.