Cheers to the volunteers: breakfast club celebration



Kate Aley

A good breakfast is the best way to start the day. And, every day across Canada, volunteers assemble at elementary schools at 6:30 a.m. to make sure young students get that best start.

On June 6, Le Club des petits déjeuners (The Breakfast Club) volunteers from Notre Dame de la Joie in Luskville and Ste. Marie in Quyon gathered to be rewarded with a breakfast of their own. But first they served breakfast for the kids of course!

Twice the normal amount of helpers turned up last Tuesday to serve a really special end-of-school meal with fresh fruit, waffles with frozen yoghurt and maple syrup and, everyone's favourite, chocolate milk.

Love those hair nets!

After the children went to class it was time to treat the volunteers. A delicious feast was prepared by Demeter Catering of Luskville, featuring three types of quiche, cabbage salad and fruit filled cake, all made with fresh local ingredients.

Prizes and certificates were given out by regional coordinator, Maud Amyott. Star of the morning was the incredible Hélène Belisle, who helped bring the Club to Luskville in 1988. She was acknowledged for having served 2,934 breakfasts, an extraordinary achievement.

Maud and Hélène 

Breakfast Club is finished for the summer. We'll see everyone back in September! A huge thank you to the generous early-rising Club volunteers, helping serve 20,867 breakfasts in 282 schools in Quebec every day.