Christmas House Tour lights up the night



Kate Aley

The houses on the Quyon Pastoral Charge Christmas House Tour warmly received 150 visitors this year. Five family homes in Quyon and Luskville were decorated to perfection to the appreciation of all. Above, the Draper homestead in Luskville.

Mirrors used to clever effect.

The tour was founded in 2003 as a fundraiser for the United Church, but also serves as an outreach and fellowship event, as friends and family members of the congregation take turns to open their doors to the community.

The Campbell house even had a toy-making elf on hand.

This year, the tour featured the homes of Glenna Campbell, Mitchel Trudeau and Colby Richardson, Kim Boucher, Brenda Clark and Wayne Ramsay and the century-old farm house of the Draper family. Many had their treasured collections of antiques on show.

A bathtub transformed into a snowy scene.

As always, the tour concluded back at the Quyon United Church for warm drinks and a variety of cookies and sweets to enjoy.

A snowman... but in shape only! Nice work, Blake.

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Kate Aley


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