Cruel Loss in Luskville



Thomas Soulière

Luskville — Tragedy struck last weekend when a home, located on the grounds of Venturing Hill Farm in the Luskville sector of the Municipality of Pontiac, was gutted by fire, taking with it every precious possession belonging to the home’s owner, Lorraine Laframboise. 

More hurtful, Lorraine’s two cherished rescued dogs were also victims, inflicting a deeper wound.

Members of our community have already begun rallying to come to Mme. Laframboise’s aid.  Jean Standbridge has launched an awareness campaign and Julie Murphy is heading a fundraising initiative to solicit help for Lorraine.

Anyone wishing to help out Lorraine can do the following:

  • Send money by e-transfer to this email - - include full name and postal address or email address of sender.
  • Send a cheque or gift cards to MEC, SAIL, or other outdoor clothing stores or gas stations to Julie Murphy. Include full name and coordinates of sender. Send to:
    Julie Murphy (Laframboise)
    177 Stanley Ave
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1M 1P2
  • Funds from any TD Bank account can be directly deposited into
    TD Bank no. 004
    TD Branch no. 32906
    TD Account no. 6404230