Deer danger and how to contact the MTQ



Kate Aley

Trouble in Paradise

I live on the highway in Luskville between Parker Rd. and Nugent Rd. which is Deer Death Central at this time of the year. A few years ago, I rang the Ministere de Transport Quebec (MTQ) and after being transferred six times (I'm not joking), we had extra "deer crossing" signs installed here and there.

Now, after having witnessed at least one collision per day for the last month outside our house, I'm asking for some larger and more noticeable sets of signs to alert drivers of the deer danger.

There is a very nice and easy to use on-line form available at the MTQ site but, after successfully filling in all the fields and feeling pretty good about the whole thing, the program stalled at the name of the 148. Apparently "Route 148" is not a valid name of a road in Quebec, which explains a lot! (Although I did try typing 5 and 50 as well as a test, and the site wouldn't accept them either.)

So, with heavy heart, I called the MTQ's 511 line and spoke to a very sympathetic lady who transferred me to another very sympathetic lady at the regional office for the Outaouais. She took down all my information and assured me someone would call back if they needed more. 

The solution?

We need signs with lights that flash, specifically during the most dangerous times of the year (spring and fall) and the most dangerous times of the day (dusk and dawn). Hopefully a solar panel could operate the lights. A sign at the intersection of Eardley-Masham Rd. and the 148 (heading east), and one at the end of the four-lane stretch of the highway after the strip mall (heading west) would be a great start, at least for this area.

The chances of a driver being hurt seriously or even killed from impact with a deer is high. Needless to say, the mortality rate for the deer is terrible. A week ago, my daughter saw a deer being smashed to pieces in the exact place she waits for the school bus which was very traumatic for her.

Local people know this is a bad area for careless deer but another series of larger and very eye-catching signs would surely help us all stay alert. 

In New Brunswick, there are moose warning signs that are about the size of a double bed with massive yellow lights that would be appropriate on an airport runway. Believe me, when you see a sign of this caliber, you look for moose.

Get involved

Sick of smashing into deer outside my house? Me too.

Email the MTQ by going to the Nous Joindre page and fill in all the boxes. There is a drop-down menu to add the municipality.

Call the MTQ for the Outaouais at (819) 772 3849 and ask for the complaints department.

In the meantime, please don't beep your horn to scare the deer away because sometimes it scares them right into your path. Also, if you have to stop to stare at them, please pull further off the road!

And look, look, desperately look out for deer until, like, June.