Dine in style at Chez Sylvie



Kate Aley

Snack shacks and highway burger joints can be dime-a-dozen so it takes something special to make one stand out. Fresh food and friendly staff are a great start. Add some cool 50's-themed decor and now you have Chez Sylvie in Luskville. Sylvie Biron and Mark Gricken, both of Luskville, have owned the Casse-Croute at 3000 Hwy 148 for nearly two years. 

In that time they have developed a truly comprehensive menu as well as an extensive take-out coffee bar.

The chromed headlights and collection of number plates from some classic cars from the 50's and 60's that adorn the walls are a more recent addition. 

A curio cabinet features treasures from the past, including a portable record player, an old typewriter and even a fossilized trilobite.

The Casse-Croute seats 28, with room for more on a outside patio. A gas station completes the business.

"We are getting a lot of regular customers now and people are coming from Aylmer and Hull to pick up orders," said Biron. "It's like a family here; we laugh and talk to everyone to comes in."

Biron insists on the very best of fresh ingredients that go into her dishes. "I don't buy average food, I don't get the food that's 'on special' to cook with," she said. "People come from other towns to pick up pizza; they keep coming back because you can taste everything."

However both Biron and Gricken see the success of businesses in Pontiac as largely dependent on the support of local residents.

"What is good for our business is good for all of us here," said Biron. "We promote each others businesses; all of us have the others' flyers and business cards in our shops."

"Eventually it'd be nice if the town was full of shops and services," added Gricken. "You could drive down the road and get an ice cream here and then a meal there. But for that to happen, we need customers to come in. That's all we need."

Chez Sylvie is open every day.

(819) 455-1055


Hi, I've never been here, but

Hi, I've never been here, but now I will plan a visit. Friendly owners and great food is calling me,lol. It looks so airy and clean with a lot of space. Can't wait.6


Bravo Sylvie pour ton petit resto-snack bar! Je vais aller faire un tour... un de ces jours! ☺

Great food, great service!

We used to go to Aylmer to get our food but now we go to Chez Sylvie when we don't feel like cooking and want a good meal. No turning back since, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work and great foods! :-)


Awesome food. I love the veggie wrap! So hard to stay away from the club sandwiches with all that yummy bacon. Gota try it.