Discover delicious Pontiac: Demeter Catering at Bristol Farmers Market



Kate Aley

Luskville caterer Demeter Catering has teamed up with Beechgrove lamb producer JAE Farm to offer delicious, fresh, ready-to-eat food at the Bristol Farmers’ Market. JAE Farm has produced some lovely hand-made lamb sausages that are free from fillers or preservatives. Just spices and fresh herbs compliment the pasture-raised lamb. They can be purchased grilled for immediate eating on a pita with slaw and yogurt or frozen for cooking at home.

Demeter is also using JAE lamb to create tempting dishes inspired by lamb-loving cultures around the world. Today (June 23) we are going to India with a leg of lamb roasted in a spiced yogurt sauce served alongside rice, dahl and vegetables. Demeter Catering also has a range of frozen, homemade ready-to-cook dishes such as lasagne, chili and meatballs in tomato sauce, all using local, pasture-raised meat.


So gooood, so close to home!!!

Out of )this world good food available at our local (Bristol) farmer's market, every Friday from 1 to 6 pm.!!!! The veggies are fresh from gardens just a few kilometers away (Mayhew family farm); there is pasture raised beef, pork, lamb (Netherlea farm, Simms Farm, JAE farm). Demeter Catering (aka Sheila) cooks this up and gives you an idea of the mouth watering dishes you can make with ingredients as fresh and unadulterated as these.! So good, so close to home!


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Ancient landslides offer clues to powerful earthquake that rattled Ottawa


Very close to 1000 AD, an earthquake estimated at a magnitude of 6.1 — or possibly stronger — shook this region enough to cause 10 major landslides.

One of them, at Quyon, covered an area of 31 square kilometres stretching back from the Ottawa River along the Quyon River valley.

And scientist Gregory Brooks, who studied the slides, says the same seismic conditions are present today.

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Les citoyens du secteur d'Aylmer débattent


«Il faut intégrer tous les modes de transport dans le secteur d'Aylmer. On a besoin dun plan de déplacement et aussi créer un comité permanent sur le transport à la Ville. Avec ça, on pourra mieux préparer et structurer les idées pour les mettre en oeuvre», a indiqué M. Powles.

Pour ce qui touche au développement résidentiel, les participants étaient nombreux à faire mention de l'aspect patrimonial. Le secteur d'Aylmer est le seul à avoir conservé un «bon état de son passé».

AVIS PUBLIC — Municipalité de Pontiac


EST PAR LES PRÉSENTES DONNÉ par le soussigné directeur général de la susdite municipalité

Qu’une assemblée publique de consultation aura lieu le samedi, 14 septembre 2013 entre 13h00 et 17h00 au Centre communautaire de Luskville, situé au 2024 Route 148, Pontiac, Québec, pour présenter les projets de règlement de remplacement suivants :

Plan d’urbanisme 09-13, règlement de Zonage 10-13, règlement de Lotissement 11-13,  règlement de Construction 12-13, règlement de CCU 15-13, règlement de dérogation mineur 16-13, règlement de PIIA 14-13, règlement de Permis et Certificats 13-13.

PUBLIC NOTICE — Municipality of Pontiac


IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned Director General of the Municipality of Pontiac

That a public consultation meeting will be held on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. at the Luskville Community center, located at 2024 Route 148, Pontiac, Quebec, to present the following draft replacement by-laws:

Urban planning 09-13, Zoning by-law 10-13, Subdivision by-law 11-13, Building by-law 12-13, by-law 13-13 Respecting Permits and Certificates, by-law 14-13 on Site Planning and Architectural Integration,  by-law 15-13 establishing the Advisory Planning Committee, by-law 16-13 concerning Minor Exemptions to Urban Planning by-laws.