Election 2017: Susan McKay



Kate Aley

Our next interview is with Susan McKay, running for Ward 2.

Born, raised

Born in Shawville, grew up in Quyon.


Worked in customer service at CTC for ten years; before that in logistics and freight forwarding, often working with government agencies.

What is the greatest challenge facing your ward?

We need to get involved in revitalization. It is a beautiful community, a beautiful municipality. It has so much potential and there’s so much coming down the pipe. We need people involved and for their voices to be heard. We need someone on council that can be a voice. We’ve had no-one [on council] from the Quyon ward for so long.

We have a big ferry bringing people into town and there’s boots on Hydro lines and we look like a 'hood'. The people I’ve talked to want to be more involved. They want what I want as a ratepayer--- the way this place looks, it affects us all.

If elected, what is the first thing you would like to do?

The people in the ward are my team. I’m going to be part of that team and I want to work with that team, for the best of this region; the Pontiac. I am one person, [but] I can bring that voice to council. From what I have heard, they [people here] don’t want anything on a great scale; they don’t want a huge industry. They’ve lived here all their lives, they know it’s a small little town. Some want more tourist stuff, a place for the campers to camp by the river, to draw people in that way, create more amenities to attract tourists. There’s so much potential down there, not yet able to be developed. I want to see Quyon beautiful again; it’s a pretty little town, it needs a little bit of love.

What is going right in this area?

I think we are heading in the right direction on the sports fields, with [that] community interaction. The kids down there playing soccer and ball, that’s amazing. Quyon used to be booming; we had three grocery stores and four gas stations. It’ll never get back to that, but if we could only get a third of what we had back. The beautiful grist mill: let’s turn that into a museum, let’s turn it into restaurant, it’s on the river, what a view and the history. Keon’s Store, it was a general store: that’s a building just waiting for someone to open the front door and say, what about a little café? The people [would] come off the Grant Beattie, turn up the main street and there [would be] a beautiful little shop there. The ferry is amazing, that’s what we have that no-one else has. Get the people who have a dream of making Quyon beautiful again and give them help to do it. We are ‘lifers’ here; we’ve all grown up here and we live here for a reason, it’s home.

Why will you be a good representative for the Ward?

I can do the job because I have passion. I want to be the voice of [Ward 2]. I want people to know that when they talk to me about something, I will take things as far as I can possibly can. I can’t guarantee anything but I’m a ballplayer: I’ll go to bat for you. Everyone [who] has seen this place in its heyday, they love it, but they don’t love what it has become. But it is home. We have to bring something back here.