Get ready, get set, get out: disaster preparedness in a bag



Kate Aley

Remember this?

As the Pontiac watches epic levels of flooding in both New Brunswick and B.C. and considers our own possible return to inundation, it's time to let paranoia rear its helpful head and get ready to get out of the house. The concept behind having a so-called Go Bag is to have ready everything you might need to survive, out-of-doors, for about 72 hours... until help arrives or the zombies get you.

After the Ft. McMurray fires, I succumbed to my cringing inner fears and prepared a four-person Go Bag, also known as a Bug-Out Bag. Basically, this should contain all the vital components you may not have time to get together if there is ever a need to get the pets into the cages and flee before waves, flames, lava or something worse.

Here is what I got:

Some Like It Not Freezing: three dollar fleece blankets from Giant Tiger.

Feet and backs: six dollar socks from Home Hardware and seventy-five cent fleece sweaters from the Maison de la Famille.

Heads and hands: a selection of unpopular gloves and hats from our massive Bin of Gloves And Hats.

Gimme shelter: mid-sized tarp, selection of bungee cords and emergency ponchos.

Warmth and wounds: first aid and fire-lighters. To be added: flashlights and maybe flares.

Food and drink: I sure hope everyone likes trail mix.

So small, so important: the backup hard drive. To be added: scans of passports, drivers licenses, health cards and maybe the Will.

Okay, that's heavy: the assembled Go Bag. Perfect for placing calmly in the back of the Hyundai; not so much for a 1812-retreat-from-Moscow-style overland slog.

Thinking of making your own Go Bag? There are plenty of resources on-line, in varying degrees of terrified anticipation of the Apocalypse, such as:

Use your common sense is my suggestion.

Get ready; good luck.

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Kate Aley


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Jetez un coup d'oeil à votre boîte aux lettres.  Une nouvelle impression de la carte de la municipalité de Pontiac sera en circulation dans quelques semaines, montrant tous les quartiers et les détails compliqués des routes et des chemins de notre municipalité, avec les chemins existants le long des plages.  Cette carte a été créée pour remplacer l'ancienne version qui n'est plus à jour.

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Watch your mail boxes! A brand new map of the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP) will be on its way you within the next few weeks. Showing the entire area of the municipality as well as details of the more complicated street systems in villages and along the beaches, the map was created to replace a much older black and white version that had become obsolete.