Hops is tops: celebrating Pontiac's new crop



Kate Aley

A hops party, hosted by Pontiac Hops in Luskville, gave visitors a chance to learn a little more about this successful new commercial enterprise.

Above, Pontiac Hops co-owners Anthony (right) and Jimmy Nugent.

Last Saturday, July 29, local farmers and community members toured the hops yards and also enjoyed a taste of some of the beer made with Pontiac Hops produce. Representatives of both Mill Street and Big Rig breweries had visited the farm that morning, leaving a generous amount of samples for the party.

"We had over 100 people at the event," Anthony Nugent said. "The party was held at Bradley Road with a BBQ and band in the afternoon. The people from Big Rig and Mill Street really enjoyed the visit and will come back to take part in the harvest."

Nugent explained that Big Rig are a major buyer of produce from Pontiac Hops. "They were making a brew to mark Canada's 150th and so wanted to use all Canadian products," he said.

Nugent credits the rising number of craft breweries as the reason for the development of hops farms in the area. "We got a lot of interested reactions [from the visitors]," he said. "A couple of people approached us to ask more about the work involved [in setting up a hops yard]. More and more breweries are opening; since we started [Pontiac Hops], there have been another five to six breweries have opened up in the Ottawa Valley, and that's just the ones I know about."

Pontiac Hops was founded in 2014 and currently grows Centennial and Cascade varieties. Learn more at pontiachops.ca

Photographs courtesy of Pontiac Hops