A Horrifying Miracle



Thomas Soulière

Breckenridge — Yesterday afternoon I was unfortunate enough to be witness to another accident on Highway 148 in the Municipality of Pontiac.  At around five after five in the afternoon, a frontal collision occurred at the corner of Eardley Road and Terry Fox involving two single occupant vehicles.  The impact was so violent; one of the cars was thrown back and spun around.

I was waiting on the north side of Terry Fox road waiting to cross the 148 to continue on home when the collision occurred.  After a moment of disbelief, I managed to find a spot to park my car.  I contacted 911 and began to make my way towards the accident scene.  There were many good Samaritans who had already reached the cars and their drivers, and were giving assistance.  I did my best to give all the details I could to the 911 dispatcher as I made my way to the second car, where the driver remained in the car. 

As I got closer, I saw that it was my Mother.

A young man had reached her seconds after the crash and fortunately was trained in first aid.  Many others came to the aid of both victims.  Both drivers made it through the crash, but had many hard hours ahead of them.  Emergency crews began to arrive and took control of the scene.

I felt very lucky to live in a community that had so many outstanding people who were very capable of responding to this kind of situation.  Everyone passing the scene offered help.

My Mother was in very good hands from the moment help reached her.  The young man I spoke of earlier did an excellent job keeping my Mom calm and assessing her injuries, before quickly moving on to the other driver involved in the accident.  Another fine young man [on left right side of above photo] took his place at my Mom’s side and stayed with her and talked with her until rescue crews arrived.  At that point, another really nice guy [2nd from left right above] from the Gatineau Fire Department (SIVG) stayed with her throughout the entire process of removing my Mom from her car.  We are grateful to the men and women of the Gatineau's emergency services, who executed their tasks with admirable professionalism and precision.

My family and I are very relieved that the outcome of this accident did not include further loss of life.  We are extremely grateful for all the able people who responded to help and care for the drivers involved.  I am greatly indebted to those great guys, who cared for my Mom, who we’re very thankful is with us tonight. 

So many others have not been as fortunate as we are.

Our thoughts are with the other driver in this accident, his family and his friends.

We are very grateful that everyone was able to walk away from this accident alive.


A horrifying Miracle

What a terrible thing to have witnessed, first the accident, then to find out it is your own mother. My prayers and thoughts are with you thomas and your family. Thank the dear lord no one was seriously injured. She and the other victims had a guardian angel with them that day. Again I, and so many citizens of this municipality are grateful for men and women women who attend aid on any emergency situation. We should count our blessings to have help when we are in need.


Thomas, I hope your mom is doing OK. That must have been a terrible shock for you to see that. I agree with the previous commentator, she had many guardian angels that day looking after her. I hope the other driver is doing well also.
Take care...

A Horrifying Miracle

Thom, I am thankful that there were no fatalities. Yes, we are blessed to have many dedicated people on our emergency services crews and also many caring citizens that also try to assist in these incidents. Prayers for all involved.

A Horrifying Miracle

What a complete shock for you. I echo your comments about our community and helpful, caring people who live and work here.
Tom: I sincerely hope that your Mother recovers quickly and well, and that her intense shock and fear (which I am assuming she would experience during the accident & its aftermath) subside.

Also, that your shock doesn't linger.

Thank-you for sharing this (terrible) news in such a very positive way.