I heard it through the grapevine: new winery in Pontiac



Kate Aley

Not just a line from a song: at long last, much-anticipated bottles from Quyon's Domaine de Pontiac Village's first vendage (harvest) are on sale now.

Owners Maude-Emmanuel Lambert and Pavel Kohl planted their first vines on their 50 acre property on Ch. Cemetary in 2007 and have been adding plants and varieties since then. The vineyard now covers approximately three and a half acres. 

"We bought the place in 2005," explained Kohl. "It was the Chevrier place; Minor Chevrier's mother Pearl owned it and everyone knows Pearl... so will always be known as that!'' he added with a grin. The couple have renovated the house and farm buildings, even purchasing another nearby barn for their winery which turned out to be built by the same carpenter that had constructed the Chevrier's barn. "So they are kind of together again," said Kohl.

This building now houses the three huge stainless steel vats which hold the fermenting wine, as well as the shop and a remarkable collection of vintage and antique cars, another of Mr. Kohl's passions.

"The wine is a blend of our harvests from 2013 and 2014," said Lambert. "A combination of Frontenac, St. Croix and Sabrevoist, the flavour is fruity and rounded. This the very first wine to be produced by Domaine de Pontiac Village."

Kohl and Lambert are fortunate to have the assistance of their children, Ingrid and Anton, who are essential to the task of chasing away the birds that tend to be a nuisance around harvest time.

Currently, the vineyard features 10 varieties of grape, both red and white. "We planted a number of types to see which did best in this climate and with our conditions," said Kohl. Both Kohl and Lambert gratefully acknowledged the assistance of Joanne Labadie and Doug Briden, owners of Ferme Lavender Ridge Farm in Luskville, who have given the couple enormous amounts of advice and support as well as loaning them equipment to help with des Pontiac Village's first bottling.

Although buds are just starting to develop on the vines, the warm spring sun indicates a bright future for this new enterprise.

The winery is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; check the website for hours and call ahead for directions or information.

Domaine de Pontiac Village winery

1259 Chemin Cimetiere, Quyon (opposite St. Mary's Cemetery, on the way to the Tim Horton's Camp).

(819) 458-3628




So delighted Maude's project is seeing fruition... Will look forward to tasting the product.
Thanks, Kate!