Illegal Dumping on chemin Terry Fox



Thomas Soulière

Yet another instance of illigal garbage dumping has taken place in the Municipality of Pontiac, this time on chemin Terry Fox at the corner of Elm.

First spotted on the weekend, the large pile of what seems to be construction waste was left in the north bound lane of Terry Fox just past chemin Elm.  It is unclear when and by whom the traffic cones were placed, but have been present since a resident alerted of the unslightly mess Sunday.

The garbage was left on the Gatineau side of the road, so as of Monday the Municipality of Pontiac has been in contact with the City of Gatineau to determine the quickest way to dispose of the pile.  If Gatineau determines it more feasable for the municipality to take care of the waste, Pontiac will be re-imbursed by the city for the work.

It is unknown who is responsible for the dumping, however the Municipality of Pontiac has been in contact with authorities to alert them to the illegal dump.

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