It's beginning to look a lot like breakfast: family pancake event feeds all



Kate Aley

On a chilly and overcast Saturday morning, what could be better than a meal of piping hot pancakes to start the day? Eating those pancakes with 150 or so of your neighbours, that's what!

The Parents de la Municipalité de Pontiac 0-5 ans (PMP 0-5 ans) group hosted a marvelous breakfast event at the Luskville Community Centre on Dec. 3, serving pancakes with maple syrup and fruit, yoghourt and juice for Pontiacers of all ages. Above, Lorraine Cousineau (left) and Camille Bradley quickly assemble pancake plates for hungry breakfast-seeking humans. 

Anticipating about 40 pre-registered families, the PMP were gratified by an immense turn-out, with over 130 groups coming through the door. Kids were entertained by tables of Christmas themed crafts. Francine Roch provided face painting and there was even a place to write a letter to Santa, who was kind enough to turn up later that morning. "It's our first event and we are delighted by the result," said PMP member Sylvie L'Heureux. "The Municipality of Pontiac gave us some funding and, at $10 per family, we can cover the costs. It's not a fundraiser so much as a community party."

Even Pontiac's mayor Roger Larose (below) got in on the act, helping serve fruit salad to the crowd.

Another familiar face was that of MP Will Amos, with daughter Paloma, (below), on his first stop of about six community events that day. "I'm really impressed by the sheer number of people here today," Amos commented, watching Paloma make a green and red paper chain which he then proceeded to wear around his neck. "There is a great energy here. The [organizers] are obviously in touch with the families of the area, and when parents are engaged and in touch with each other, that is something we can all celebrate." 

Despite still numbering only five, the PMP committee is already busy planning family-centric events for the coming year.

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