Join the Marathon of Hope this Sunday



Kate Aley

In 1977, Terry Fox lost his right leg to osteosarcoma; it had to be amputated six inches above his knee.

In 1980, Terry started his Marathon of Hope, dipping his prosthetic leg in the Atlantic Ocean off the Newfoundland coast. And we know how the rest of the story goes.

This year, Shawville's Terry Fox Run celebrates it's 36th year.

Long-time organizers John Petty and Rick Valin, wish to invite everyone to be part of this magnificent event.

Pontiac High School

455 Maple St., Shawville

​Sunday, Sept. 18th>

Registration starts at 1 pm. The Run starts at 2 pm.

But - and this is important - you don't have to run. And you don't have to go far.

But do come and start with us. Because you being there means so much to Valin and Petty... You being there means we as a community have not forgotten what Terry Fox started and what he now stands for. Bring your bikes, bring your kids and their bikes, bring your ten dollar notes but most of all, please just come.

And I'll see you there.