Josée Bellerose: finding peace beyond your dreams



Kate Aley

Peace and natural beauty is all around Josée Bellerose’s house in Quyon. Her hope is that people can find peace, safety and forgiveness inside themselves.

Bellerose is a psychic medium and intuitive counsellor, able to channel divine healing energy. Yet she entered this line of work in an unconventional way. Bellerose’s first experience with healing energy came about five years ago at her business, the Centre de Santé Beauté Aylmer, where she worked full-time as a massage therapist.

“This lady came in with a sore back,” she recalls. “She had a manicure and a pedicure and then I started to do her 30-minute massage. I felt something stuck in her back, the muscles were rigid. I felt energy stuck there, although at that time I would not have even used the word energy.

“I had done a course, a long time before that, on Shamanic Healing, [which is] like self-healing, how to let go of old stuff. They gave me a prayer and I remember saying that prayer often. Then I forgot about it for seven, eight years. Suddenly, it came to my mind to say that prayer that day and I started to say it in my head: I call Archangel Michael to clear all negative energies, entities, spirits, incarnate and discarnate, from all time, space and dimension… Suddenly I could feel the energy leaving [the lady]. I actually needed to get out of the way [of it]. She came to see me afterwards, she had been looking for me everywhere. She was like: ‘My God, my back was hurting for so long and now it’s all gone; how did you do that?’ I was so surprised, it was the first time something like that happened.”

Bellerose knows what she has is a gift but does not consider herself special. “Everyone can do something like that—as long as we connect with ourselves.” The business in Aylmer became too busy and Bellerose sold it. The family moved from Aylmer to Quyon, purchasing a house on Ch. Murray with plenty of farmland.

“I started meditating; that’s the key, getting to know yourself,” she recalled. “One day, I found an eight-week online course that supports developing your intuition. The students are all on a webpage exchanging readings… I realized I was very accurate. I loved it, it felt incredible and I gained confidence in what I already [had]. There is a lot of release and forgiveness and understanding. Guilt and shame are not healthy things to feel. I admire courage in people, [when they] let go and find forgiveness.”

Bellerose is mother to two young children. “My kids say to me, “How come you know stuff?” I always tell them, ‘Follow your intuition. If your gut says no, then it’s no.’ What others think about your choice, it doesn’t matter. Don’t judge your decision on that.”

“You have to follow your gut-feeling, your intuition, always,” she added. “What matters is that you trust yourself; you are building a relationship with yourself. How can you be in a peaceful relationship with others if you do not [have one] with yourself? Then you’re just reacting all the time, running away from it.”

For Bellerose, a ‘psychic reading’ means reading energy.   “It’s all about energy, powerful loving energy,” she said. “If you are going to call it ‘God’, sure. We can make it what you want, because energy can be shifted into anything you want. Love is God for sure. God, love, it’s the same thing for me. I always have guides to tell me what I need to hear. I work a lot with Archangel Michael, he’s omnipresent, he’s everywhere. But I work a lot with goddesses too. I can invoke any light being, anything with a very high vibration. I think we are all there to support each other. I think it’s all a supportive system; we’re here to support life itself. We can support the environment to be clean and healthy, right down to insects; they are there for a reason. If we really think with our heart, we know that.”

“Feeling safe is the primary feeling, that’s when we feel relaxed, loved and supported,” Bellerose reflected. “To be worried or afraid, you just exhaust yourself, but for what? Are you really in danger? You can choose to feel safe; it’s a choice. In reality, when you stop and look inside yourself, you know: I am safe. Sometimes you need to repeat that.”

Bellerose has begun to do a reading for the day every morning and publish it on Instagram. She gained 74 followers after the first month. “I ask the angels to tell me the message I need to share today, for the people who are going to read that message,” she explained. “It’s always encouraging and supportive. It’s always about intent. It’s all about wishing the best for others.”

An example of a daily reading might be: Today is a day to nourish our hearts and mind and body with love. Through unconditional love, meaning accepting our humanity for what it is. We might not be perfect but we are what we are. Open your heart with acceptance and gratitude.

 “And then I add, ‘wishing you peace beyond your dreams’. I always wish people that,” Bellerose adds with a laugh. “It’s what I wish for myself too.”

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