Katharine Fletcher: spirited creator



Kate Aley

An on-going directory of creative people across the Municipality of Pontiac.

This week, meet Katharine Fletcher in North Onslow: painter, printmaker and collage queen.

Phote: Courtesy of Sandy Woods

Pontiac2020.ca: Katharine, describe the kind of artwork you make.

Katharine Fletcher: I thoroughly enjoy painting in watercolour, mixed media with acrylic and other found materials, and printmaking -- preferring collographs and gelli-plate prints - and ceramics. I absolutely thrive on variety and with each medium I find my own style while discovering many techniques.

P2020: How long have you been creating art?

KF: I’ve been creating horses since I was a little girl; they are my animal totem. Now I have a large and expanding series of Spirit Horses created in a variety of mediums. In 2014, the Chinese Year of the Horse, I enjoyed my first solo show at The Mud Oven in Ottawa, where my Spirit Horses galloped and frolicked over the walls of the gallery. This show was precisely the validation I needed as an emerging artist: I sold nine works and received two commissions!

I’m largely a self-taught visual artist, but over the years, I have taken many workshops. I took two week-long watercolour classes at Haliburton School of the Arts, during this highly regarded school’s summer program. Plus, I’ve taken several printmaking workshops with Robert Hinchley -- plus one with Tina Petrovicz. Moreover, I join art groups such as Kanata Art Club, which holds workshops which are less expensive for members. I absolutely thrive on courses given in a safe, encouraging environment with professional or otherwise keen artists.

P2020: Do you have a show coming up or a new project you are currently working on?

KF: I’m absolutely thrilled to invite you to my upcoming show from July 27-August 20. Called Animal Spirits, I join Chelsea artist Heather Lamorie exhibiting at La Fab Art Centre in Old Chelsea (212 Chemin Old Chelsea). Vernissage is July 27 from 5 - 7:00.

I’m also a Get Art instructor; this Pontiac-based group of artists are hired to bring art into Municipality of Pontiac and MRC Pontiac communities. I’ve just led a collage class at Norway Bay and will also be giving classes in Breckenridge, Luskville and Quyon for the Municipality of Pontiac. 

Photo: Courtesy of Eric Fletcher

P2020: How can people contact you to visit your studio or to buy your art online?

KF: Visit my studio by appointment by e-mailing me at fletcher.katharine@gmail.com.

You can browse my art on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatharineFletcherArtist/