Letter to the editor: Gratitude for help during floods



Sandy St. George

Dear Editor,

A great big thanks to the Municipality of Pontiac, the Quebec Ministry of Public Security, the Canadian Red Cross and our wonderful military for their long hours of very difficult work during the recent flood. I was very impressed with the way in which they handled the devastation it caused.

The local fire department was here every evening until after midnight, encouraging folks to evacuate and offering their assistance. Most did not leave their homes until the road access closed and Hydro was shut off.

I am a 75 year-old senior woman living alone and yet not once during the whole ordeal did I ever feel alone. Each and every time I had to go to the municipal office, I received nothing but support, reassurance and encouragement from every employee I encountered, from the receptionist up to and including Mayor Larose. 

The Ministry agent who interviewed me was compassionate, patient, efficient and very reassuring. He called me three times while I was evacuated from my home to inquire as to my well being and to ask if I needed any emergency funds for out-of-pocket expenses. Now I ask you, where else would this ever happen?

I am most fortunate to be back home again with no damage to my house. My riverfront property looked like a war zone, there was so much debris everywhere. I had expected to spend this long holiday weekend cleaning it up. Much to my surprise, I found that my wonderful neighbor had done it all for me. 

It is so comforting to see how everyone now is stepping up to the plate and helping those less fortunate. What a community. There is no better place in the world to live than right here and as for these Pontiac folks, well, there is none better anywhere.

Feeling blessed and grateful,

Sandy Hollis St.George

Ward 4, Luskville