The Maison de la Famille de Quyon: a garden in our midst



Kate Aley

The Maison de la Famille Quyon (MdlFQ) held its Annual General Assembly on Wednesday, June 29 at 7 pm at their building on Clarendon Street in Quyon. As usual, director general Catherine Beaudet wrote a beautiful foreword to the AGM notes. Here it is in full.

"Last spring, the children from the play groups made a collective art painting; the maste piece that you can admire on the cover page [above]. A metaphor between these colourful flowers growing and the Quyon Family Centre comes to my mind…

At the Family Centre, we proudly say that we are “the little organization that could”. We are always thriving, always moving forward. We keep on growing by firmly planting our roots deeper in our community as we branch out to our partners. In spite of our challenges and struggles, we continue to persevere and move forward…

This year, we went further notably by strengthening our relationship with our partners in food security, through our involvement in social development projects with the municipality, and in maintaining good relationships with our various partners.

Our year was also flourishing with our activities and projects; the ice cream sale as a new fund raiser, our snowsuit fund that raised enough money for the increased number of children registered, and the great participation we had in our Y'app (Nobody's Perfect) program and our play groups (which welcomed seven babies!)

I could not be talking about growth without mentioning the employees who do not cease to “blossom” year after year. Julie has progressed from maintenance clerk to an animator in control of her kitchen and group. Linda, a creative animator to a respected intervenant. Louann, clothing counter clerk to an organized receptionist and a great informal intervenant. Peggy, no one knows your tasks better than you do and have been doing for 15 years now with brio!

At the Quyon Family Centre, we also regularly witness the success and personal growth of people that come to our organization. The women, men, children that we get to know and see bloom is what truly gives our organization its reason for being. Congratulations for another great year all in colours. Thank you to the employees, volunteers and Board members for your devotion to the organization. Thank you to our families and participant for your constant support!" 

The MdlFQ has become a remarkable mainstay in the community and those around it. The programs and services it provides are absolutely vital for this rural and occasionally resource-poor area. This year the Family Centre’s Snowsuit Fund helped 50 children from 25 families from the Municipality of Pontiac and Bristol. A total of 77 people came to the centre for assistance from the yearly tax clinic. The “Home Alone” program which provides children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time was offered to 21 children.

Another learning and sharing program, known as Nobody’s Perfect, was offered to nine parents. This program allows parents of young children to meet with others, share questions or concerns and learn about child development, safety, health and behaviour. A group of 17 students took the babysitting course this year.

The Back to School Program, funded by Centraide Outaouais, allows low-income families to purchase everything required for school at only 25 percent of retail cost.  Forty-four grade-school children from 17 families from within the Municipality of Pontiac benefitted from this program last September.

A Craft Workshop for women has about 15 members and a weekly meet-and-greet has another 15 participants.

It is, perhaps, in the loosely named “interventions” section of the AGM notes that you can see what an enormous source of diverse aid the Centre truly is. Many times a month, the staff offer help with reading complex forms or instructions, provide a sympathetic ear or find help with another organization for a specific need. The MdlFQ is even able to access the Grenier des Collines’ food bank in case of emergency like a house fire. This truly is the “the little organization that could”.

However, the Maison does struggle financially at times and can always use more friends. I strongly urge you to drop in at the Clothing Counter and browse the huge amount of terrific clothes, books, movies, sports gear and toys. Alternately, drop off your gently-used goods for the store to sell and, of course, spread the word.

Maison de la Famille de Quyon/Quyon Family Centre

1074 rue de Clarendon, Quyon.

819 458 2808