MNA André Fortin named as new Minister of Transport



Kate Aley


Following a cabinet reshuffle on October 11, Liberal member for Pontiac, André​ Fortin was named as provincial Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, succeeding Laurent Lessard.

Above, André​ Fortin with Premier Philippe Couillard (standing behind him) at his swearing-in ceremony at the National Assembly in Quebec. asked Fortin about his new role. André, were you aware or were you warned that there might be a cabinet shuffle planned?

Fortin: There had been public speculation about a possible cabinet shuffle for weeks but we did not receive confirmation until the day prior.

P2020: What will your new responsibilities be?

Fortin: It was an honour to be named Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Electrification of Transport. As such, I am in charge of the transportation system in the province of Quebec, of the upkeep and development of our roads and infrastructure, of the funding and prioritizing of new public transit projects and of promoting the electrification of our transportation system. I therefore also sit at the Cabinet table, which sets out the broader course of action for the Government of Quebec, while continuing to sit at the caucus table with all my fellow Liberal MNAs.

P2020: Will this affect how much or how often you will be able to deal with issues on behalf of your elected riding?

Fortin: This will certainly be an exercise in schedule management and prioritizing. But first and foremost, I will always be the representative of the people of Pontiac. Making their views known and advancing local files is my first order of business, every day. That being said, the position also allows me to make our local views known even more broadly, which is will be a plus for the people of this region.

Photograph courtesy of André Fortin.

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Pontiac : Introduction par effraction au Dépanneur Marcotte


Secteur Quyon – Une introduction par effraction s’est produite au dépanneur Marcotte, du secteur Quyon, dans la nuit de lundi, le 28 octobre. Un ou des individus se sont introduits à l’intérieur du commerce et se sont emparés de billets de loterie, de cigarettes, ainsi que d’argent comptant.

Danse d'Halloween et Noël pour adolescent


Parents bénévoles seront sur place pour la surveillance.  Pas de sortie à l'extérieur, sauf pour la retour à la maison.  Une cantine sera offerte.

Pour les jeunes de la 6ième jusqu'à moins de 18 ans.  (Carte d'indetité obliqatoire)

Le vendredi 1er november et 6 decembre de 19h00 à 22h00 au Centre communautaire de Luskville.  Coût: 2$ par personne.

Danse Halloween: Prix pour le meilleur costume !!

Halloween and Christmas Dance for Teenagers


Volunteer parents will be present for supervision.  No exit outside the hall unless for departure.  A canteen will be available.

For youth Grade 6 to less than 18 yrs old.  (ID card required)

On Friday November 1st and December 6th from 7:00 - 10:00pm at the Luskville Community Center.  Cost: $2 per person.

Holloween dance: Prize for Best Costume!!!

UPDATED: All-Candidates Meeting Wards 4, 5 & 6



Thomas Soulière

UPDATED: Questions from the public >

The second of two All Candidates Meetings took place last Sunday at the Luskville Community Centre for candidates running in wards 4, 5 and 6.

The candidates representing Ward 4 were incumbent councilor Inès Pontiroli and newcomer James Eggleton; for Ward 5, incumbent Brian Middlemiss and newcomer Pierre Gervais; and in ward 6 veteran councilor Bill Twolan.  Incumbent councilor Jean Amyotte did not participate.

André Fortin vainqueur de l'investiture du PLQ


André Fortin, qui est originaire de Quyon, et habite maintenant le secteur Aylmer, se dit bien placé pour comprendre les enjeux de cette vaste circonscription.

S'il est élu, M. Fortin promet de travailler à "diversifier" l'économie du Pontiac «en aidant les entrepreneurs», et à améliorer l'accès aux médecins de famille pour les résidents d'Aylmer.

Question 4: As councilor for the Municipality of Pontiac what is the first thing you would immediately begin to change?



Inès Pontiroli  (Ward 4)

During the last mandate I noticed that it happened that we lost sight of the projects that were underway because there is a lot of moving pieces happening in the Municipality. 

I would like to see is implementation of a Project Management System which will track all the projects that are underway.  We’ll be able to see exactly what the status is, what are the issues going on with each of the projects, have a bit of control of the costs and the risk management aspect of it.