MTQ describes Eardley-Masham Rd. closure as "indefinite"



Kate Aley

The small but deep sinkhole discovered on the Eardley-Masham Road in Luskville on Friday April 15 will keep that thoroughfare closed for an indefinite length of time, according to a spokesperson from the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

MTQ communications agent Marie-Chantal Baguia explained that specialists have investigated the site of the sinkhole and will be able to give more information about the damage and it's cause when the studies are complete.

Until then, the MTQ is unable to comment on what created the significant hole, which is in the vincinity of a recent culvert repair, and for how long the road will be closed.

"We have two technical specialists on site and we will make the necessary repairs once the analysis is complete," said Mme. Baguia. "Right now the road is completely closed and the closure will be indefinite."

Mme. Baguia says traffic is being re-routed via the Lac des Loups Road, a detour of 60 km, until repairs can be made to the damaged area.