Mysterious barrels have been removed



Kate Aley

As of about 4 p.m. Friday, April 22, I can confirm that the five unidentified barrels left on a slope at the end of Ch. Therien in Luskville have been removed, along with the two unmarked wooden barriers that implicitly restricted access to the area. 

Interpreting the evidence of the marks of wheel tracks and the barrel bottoms, I would assume that the offending items were hauled, with some effort, up the soft and steep grassy slope, lined up at the end of the road and subsequently loaded onto a vehicle to be removed.

I am following up with the National Capital Commisssion (NCC), but until I have official confirmation from the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP) or my contact within the NCC, all I can tell you that the barrels are gone. When I know what was in them and where they may have come from, I'll let you know.

The take-away message here, I guess, is: if you see something, say something.