New company will take over Thom Transport bus route on 148



Kate Aley

Late this afternoon, was able to verify that a new bus company will take over the Fort Coulonge to Ottawa route from Thom Transport Ltee. Thom had been forced to cancel the service when it was unable to maintain a profit, a move that caused distress for those using it travel the long distance from towns along Hwy. 148 to the city each day.

However, it appears that owner Anthony Thom had been seeking a replacement company for some time. Today, Richard Thom confirmed that Autobus Campeau, also based in Gatineau, have now agreed to take on the route. 

"I don't know when the service will resume ... but for the first 30 to 60 days, nothing will change for the service," said Thom, who works as dispatcher for the company. "The cost will be the same to the traveler. Even most of the original drivers will stay the same."

Richard Thom said that Anthony Thom, now 85 years-old, always cared very much about the bus route. "He's been there 45 years," he said. "To him, he'd like to see the legacy go on. He doesn't want to drop the people. He worked hard to to get a replacement."

Due to the late hour, it was not possible to reach anyone at Autobus Campeau. Information will be updated as soon as it comes to hand.

Update: Autobus Campeau plans smooth takeover over 148 route