Open letter to the Municipality of Pontiac recognizing the work of our municipal firefighters



Sandra Barber

To whom it may concern:

Re: Recognition of volunteer Firefighters

While sitting at our dining table enjoying our first coffee of the day on Sunday, May 20 at 6 a.m., my husband and I both heard a very loud “thunk” and wondered what the heck it was. Curiosity motivated my husband to investigate further; he checked our basement, nothing amiss. Checked the living room located on a lower level, noticed a man sitting outside on the guard rail.

A vehicle stopped, a person got out, talked to the man, and they drove off. Back to finish our coffee.

Within 10 minutes or so, we looked out the bay window located in the dining area and saw a police car with flashing lights, which was soon joined by two fire rescue service vehicles. Shortly thereafter, four to five additional cars appeared on the scene and we instantly recognized them as volunteer fire rescue service personnel. A tow truck then appeared on the scene. All emergency service vehicles had their red lights flashing. Our view was unobstructed and we soon ascertained that the guard rail on the opposite side of the highway had been hit and was damaged. We then surmised that a vehicle had gone over the guard rail since we had seen the firefighters go down to examine the area further and the tow truck maneuvering his vehicle to bring up the damaged vehicle, now within our sight.

All of this time, the traffic on the roadway continued to flow with the expert directions of the volunteers. They tirelessly informed the drivers of another route to take, as all cars had to be diverted until the tow truck could successfully remove the damaged vehicle.

Both my husband and I have only been in Quebec since April 2017, after having moved here from another province. I want to commend the efforts of these volunteer personnel who are so essential to any emergency operation. They donate their time and arrive on such short notice and it seems to me that they are never noticed or recognized. Please just let them all know just how much they are appreciated. Hopefully they will continue to provide their time and effort when needed.

Yours truly,

Sandra D Barber

Luskville, Quebec

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