Playing ball to benefit park



Kate Aley

Twenty teams took part in a three-day fundraising ball tournament at the Luskville Recreation Park on April 22, 23 and 24.

Made up of players from across the region who use the ball fields thoughout the playing season, the event was created to help the Municipality of Pontiac maintain and improve the park.

"There was an entry fee to participate and we are selling food and drinks today," explained one of the organizers of the tournament, Dave Hickey. "After paying expenses, the profit from the event goes straight to the park.'

Mr. Hickey, with his fellow organisers Curtis Young and Mario Lamoureux, acknowledged that the municipality's budget for the park is limited. "We need a lot of improvements to the lights and grounds," he said.

Winning teams chose prizes from donated items at the end of the weekend.

The lighting tower that blew down and crushed a ball field fence during a windstorm last fall was replaced the day before the tournament,this time using a wooden pole embedded in the earth instead of a metal structure attached to a concrete base. '[The repair] was made a priority," commented Mr. Hickey.