The Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour: Cheryl Dolan



Kate Aley

The second painter hailing from the Municipality of Pontiac on the Pontiac Artists' Associations' studio tour this year is Cheryl Dolan. She welcomed visitors to her charming Quyon home studio this weekend as part of the unique opportunity for the public to see where art is made.

A popular Tour stop, asked Cheryl a few questions. When did you start making art?

CD: I have always been making art. I remember sitting with my grandfather as a child and he would draw me mountains, trees and rivers. As a teenager in the 70's, my mother took many art and craft courses and I would see her work and then we would create at the kitchen table with my sister. I think this may have been the beginning of my passion for art. I am always happy making art; especially so with other artists. I started making art continuously after my son had taken a course from Dale Shutt, the silk painter from Calumet Island, and brought it home. It was so beautiful, I decided to take the adult course at the Pontiac School of the Arts (PSOTA) with Dale. I have never stopped painting since then. Did you always make art using your home as a studio?

CD: Yes, I always make art in my home, usually at the kitchen table in front of my big window. I like to paint in natural light. I also like to paint outside alone or with fellow artists. How does it feel to have people come into your home to look at your art?

CD: It is a little bit nerve-racking, as I hope I cleaned up enough. But other than that, it feels great. I love having people see my art. It is great to see and hear their reactions to a piece. My art usually puts a smile on their face and that makes me happy. Is your home studio always open to the public?

CD: No. But I think, with advance warning, I wouldn't mind opening my home studio to the public. If someone sees something they like on the tour, how can they get back in touch with you to purchase it?

CD: My contact information is in the Art Pontiac pamphlet. As well, I will have business card available at my home during the visit. People can also reach me on Facebook at DolanArt or Cheryl Dolan.

Cheryl Dolan

Watercolour and acrylic painter and photographer

902 Clarendon Street, Quyon

​819 458 3315