The Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour: Marcel Renaud



Kate Aley

Our municipality has many hidden treasures and some of those brightly coloured gems are our visual artists. asked new Artists Studio Tour member, Marcel Renaud of Breckenridge, about opening his creative space to the public for the first time.

P2020: When did you start making art?
Renaud: About 12 years ago, after I took my retirement. I paint to escape, to express and to challenge myself. I paint to reflect the feelings and emotions of the moment. Creating an artwork, for me, is a combination of spontaneous decisions performed in a short timeframe, involving conscious and subconscious thoughts, my values, likes and dislikes, visual perspectives, application choices, colour selections and body movements. For each piece, decisions are made intuitively until such time as I feel that the work is complete. My art is a statement to myself, of personal satisfaction, of fulfillment and wellbeing. 
P2020: Have you always made art in your home?
MR: Yes, I made a studio in one of the rooms in the basement. I am a very private person; I can only work by myself in a private setting.
P2020. How does it feel to have people come to your home to look at your art?
MR: This is my first time participating in the Studio tour. I believe a studio tour has the advantage of being able to show your work in your home environment and also [allowing visitors to see] where the works have been created.

P2020: Is your home studio always open to visitors?
MR: This is the first time I [will] open my house to visitors; it will be an experience.
P2020: How can people contact you if they see something they like on the Tour and wish to buy it afterwards?
MR: My contact information is in the Art Pontiac pamphlet. As well, I will have business card available at my home during the visit.

The 2017 Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour features 12 artists starting from Breckenridge and going to Fort Coulonge. Pick up a brochure and map along Hwy 148 and follow the bright magenta and blue "brushstoke" signs showing the studio numbers and turn-offs.

Or go online for directions to studios:

Studios are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 10 and 11; and June 17 and 18.

Marcel Renaud

​Oil and acrylic paintings

109 croissant Souliere, Luskville

​819 682 7081