Quyon Christmas parade lights up the day



Kate Aley

Held as an evening Parade of Lights for the last 10 years, the Quyon Christmas parade was switched to 2 pm on Dec.10 to great success. Traditionally hosted by the Quyon Lions and Lionettes, the change in time was intended to allow younger members of the community to take part as well as relieve float builders of the necessity of lighting their displays. Nine floats - including the one carrying a particularly jolly Santa Claus - took part in this year's parade. At the Beach Barn, adults and children were treated to hot chocolate and hot dogs, served by the Lionettes, while they waited for a word with Santa. This year the food was donated by local business people Robert Pilon and Joanne Marcotte.

"It was a great turn-out, especially with all the children taking part," said Lions organizer Adam Bernier. "The hall was packed. Overall it was a great success with so much community support, both taking part in the parade and watching it."

First prize for the best decorated float was the Maison de la Famille: the trailer simply loaded with kids and festooned with toys. Second was Bob Proulx Jr., with family and friends either on horse back and horse drawn wagons. Third prize was taken by Tim Hortons Camp for the colossal tree on their truck and wreaths on the wheels.

The Pontiac Fire Department led the parade with three vehicles.

​Firefighters handed out candy canes to watching children.

L and J Towing came next, featuring the loudest horn in the business.

Tim Hortons Camp did a great job decorating their corporate truck with the best hubcap wreaths.

The Maison de la Famille float, voted best in the parade, featured toys, music, a giant tortoise mascot and more toys.

Who can this lovely chaton be?

Denis St. Laurent entered his seasonally-themed ATV.

Proud Lionettes of the future.

Bob Proulx Jr. led a cavalcade of horses and wagons. The following group of riders represented Happy Home Cleaning.

A beautiful Canadian horse.

The parade was also fun for pooches.

MdlF mascot Shelley says "have a protected Christmas!"

For some, the end of the parade was as engaging as the parade itself.

The line-up was long but everyone was happy, because, Santa, you're worth it.


Nos autres nouvelles / Our other News

Celebrating weeds (not weed)


Look what I found in a particularly weedy part of my garden: the first Monarch caterpillar I've seen a very very VERY long time.






I found that chubby little fellow lurking on a blade of grass so I moved him to this leaf, where he lay like a slug for quite a long time. Then I saw that he'd done a neat u-turn. Then I saw he'd eaten a patch of the leaf and taken off like a maniac. No idea where went. Looked everywhere. So I assume he's out there.

Let your milkweed grow. 

Creative summer art classes



Kate Aley

Get some colour into your life this summer with bright new art courses at the Pontiac School of the Arts in Portage du Fort. This year, classes include watercolour painting, printmaking, screen writing and floor cloths (a durable painted canvas mat). 

Now in it's 14th year, the Pontiac School of the Art's mission is to inspire creative discovery in everyone.

For Over 8 MONTHS We’ve Had NO Emergency Route



Ashley Graveline



As someone who lives on Baie road and heads up to Quyon often, it really starts to hit how long Alary road has been washed out — and how annoying it is to detour around to head up to Quyon, Shawville etc.

The beginning of everything: "Origins" watercolour show opens



Kate Aley

You are invited to an extraordinarily moving exhibition of new work by renowned Luskville painter, Ruby Ewen.

Entirely painted in watercolour, the pieces immerse the viewer into multiple magical realms of creationism, imagination and classic myth.

Show runs: Friday, June 22 (opening event, 6 -- 8 p.m.) to July 22, 2018

Site: Stone School Gallery, 28 Mill St., Portage du Fort.

Cooking meets trucking at new restaurant



Kate Aley

After two years of extensive renovations, Au Coin du Camionneur, also known as Trucker's Corner, opened in Luskville on Sunday June 17. 

Owners Benoit Galipeau and Robert Bergeron have completely reconfigured the building at the corner of the Eardley-Masham Road and Highway 148. New lighting, comfortable seating and large windows that open onto a breezy patio create an inviting ambience.

Building a new future for Pontiac with slaughterhouse project



Kate Aley

After five years of planning, construction has now started on the Les Abattoir les Viandes du Pontiac. Set on five acres on the outskirts of Shawville, the slaughterhouse is the brainchild of Quyon entrepreneur Alain Lauzon and three partners, Sofian Elktrousie, Ibrama Diagne and promoter Gilles Langlois.

“We are aiming to be open by end of October,” said Lauzon last week, as he watched forms being set for more concrete to be poured.

Turtle S.O.S.: Save Our Shells!


Trouble in paradise.

It's June and that means those crazy turtles are once again roaming dirt side roads and busy highways alike; intent on finding mates, water and good nesting places as they have always done, paying no mind to the deadly wheels zooming past. I stop for a lot of turtles at this time of the year and so far we have all lived to fight another day. However I have never seen a turtle stuck in the bone-dry and baking-hot rink at the Luskville Community Centre before. Bad turtle terrain for sure.

Open letter to the Municipality of Pontiac recognizing the work of our municipal firefighters



Sandra Barber

To whom it may concern:

Re: Recognition of volunteer Firefighters

While sitting at our dining table enjoying our first coffee of the day on Sunday, May 20 at 6 a.m., my husband and I both heard a very loud “thunk” and wondered what the heck it was. Curiosity motivated my husband to investigate further; he checked our basement, nothing amiss. Checked the living room located on a lower level, noticed a man sitting outside on the guard rail.