Sending your love and board games to Attawatpiskat



Kate Aley

Small stuff for us, big stuff for them.The Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada is seeking supplies and household goods and materials to send to the northern reserve of Attawapiskat, and I am sure I don't need to remind you how desperate and bleak things are up there.

A list of requested items, compiled by leaders and teachers from the community, is reproduced here. Those with an asterisk (*) are those which are especially needed.

Items can be new or gently used

The donations will be gathered at Dymon Storage, 1830 Walkley Road in Ottawa; to be delivered between 10 a.m. and noon on May 7th OR May 14th ONLY.

However, the Minister for Quyon United, Rev. Nancy Best, will take donations from this area on Sunday May 8th and so, if you would like to bring me - Kate Aley - any of the items listed below, I will bring them to Nancy and she will take them to the Dymon site. Let me know if you need help. Call: 819 455 2601.

Huge thanks; you guys rock.

Personal Hygiene

  • Tampons and pads (package of 24 costs $37 in Attawapiskat)*
  • Diapers: disposable and cloth*
  • Tooth paste and tooth brushes*
  • Soap, deodorant and shampoo

Arts & Craft Supplies

  • Paint, paint brushes and canvases
  • Colouring books*
  • Construction paper*
  • Colouring crayons* and pencils*
  • Pelts*, fur*, hides* and sinew*
  • Beading needles*, beading threads* and a lot of beads (pony and seeds)*
  • Colour embroidery thread and needles*
  • Looms* and guitars
  • Jewellery making supplies
  • Sewing needles*, sewing threads*, textiles*, ribbons*, sewing scissors and sewing machines
  • Air dry modelling clay
  • Scissors for children and adults*


  • Playing cards*
  • Board games*
  • Puzzles
  • Children’s toys (requiring no batteries, not made with material/textiles)

School Supplies

  • Glue sticks, scissors* and rulers
  • Pencils*, colouring pencils*, pencil sharpeners and erasers
  • Markers and pens
  • Folders, binders and subject dividers*
  • Backpacks and lunch boxes
  • Notebooks*, sketchbooks* and journals*
  • Books for grades 4 -12*
  • White-Out
  • Flash drives*


  • Snowshoes*
  • Cross country skies*, poles*, shoes*
  • Skates, hockey sticks, hockey pucks
  • Baseball gloves (no bats or balls needed)
  • Bicycles*, helmets* and air pumps*
  • Lacrosse sticks*
  • Woman’s broomball equipment
  • Deflated balls: soccer, volley, football, basketball with many pumps*

Camping Equipment

  • Tarps*, ground sheets* and tents
  • Sleeping mats
  • Sleeping bags*


  • Light bulbs**, batteries, needles and thread*, Scotch tape, masking tape and duct tape
  • Band-Aids* and first aid kits*
  • Pillows (new only), pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets
  • Plastic storage bins*
  • Utensils, pots, pans, frying pans and mixing bowls
  • Food wrap, paper towels and garbage bags
  • Shower curtain and hooks, toilet paper and bath towels

Those marked with a star (*) are those which are most needed.



Thanks, Kate, for posting about this vital work for our First Nations youth, and community. You website is terrific, and will help me stay on top of all the Pontiac news that affects my congregation. Blessings on this initiative.
Rev. Nancy Best