Spring road works in the Municipality



Kate Aley

Two major on-going road repairs will make getting in and out of the Municiplaity of Pontiac a little slower over the next few months, according to Alain Bourgeois, Director of Infrastructures and Public Works.

Firstly, work on the Mountain Road will continue as soon as the 'half-load' period has passed and heavy trucks can travel again.

"The work will not begin before the thaw period is finished," Mr. Bourgeois told Pontiac 2020. "If we do these kinds of jobs before, it will cost more, much much more." The date for heavy traffic to resume on roadways is generally May 20.

Work on certain sections of the Mountain Road included clearing of ditches, altering drainage and replacing 14 culverts, installing asphalt, reconstruction of shoulders and entrances to residential driveways. The repairs, which were scheduled between October 19th and December 1st by Excavasphalte became delayed last year and were eventually halted when the road froze. Mr. Bourgeois feels sure the contractor will complete the remaining work within four weeks of the thaw restructions being lifted.

"There are penalties if the work is not complete in a certain time which were written into the contract," he said. 

Work is also resuming on the widening of the Hwy 148 near Terry Fox Road near the eastern border of Breckenridge and Aylmer. Bell trucks are beginning to move the telephone lines from the old poles to the new ones, which are a substantial distance away from the current roadway.

Both road work areas will have single lane restrictions while contractors are at work so remember to give yourself more time when travelling on those routes.


Smile and wave

Be sure to acknowledge the poor 'signalisation' guys as they control the one-way traffic flow. It must be one hell of a job...