St. Dominique's columbarium consecrated



Kate Aley

In a remarkably short period of time, the columbarium - a free-standing wall designed to store funeral ashes in a cemetery - has been installed at St. Dominique's Catholic Church in Luskville. Following mass on October 16, Father Andre Picard and the congregation proceeded into the cemetery to bless and consecrate the columbarium, after which a cloud of coloured balloons were released in a silent celebration.

A gift of $3,000 from the Golden Eagles Hunting and Fishing Club got the project rolling, the total cost of which was $10,000. The columbarium is about five feet high and made of black and grey polished granite. Its concrete base goes five feet deep into the ground to support the 9,000 lb. structure. There are 24 niches, 12 on each side and each niche can house two urns. A granite bench will be installed nearby soon. All labour and machinery used were donated by Raymond Belisle.

The donor plaque on the side of the columbarium.

President of St. Dominique's congregation Geoff Garceau leads the procession.

Father Andre blesses the columbarium.

The balloons are released.

They seem to form a heart shape in the sky as they float away...