Still slipping: something like progress



Kate Aley

The next episode in this rapidly aging story. Feel free to catch up on the backstory under the "slippery" titles

I've been away for a while and was mildly irritated yet unsurprised to NOT find the Access to Information document I had requested from the Des Collines police in the pile of mail awaiting me. However, the next day I received a phone call from them on the subject. A very kind but efficient lady informed me that, because I was in no way actually involved in the incident, I was not allowed to see the full report on it. Only someone named in the report, or the insurance company of someone in the report, can have access. "The Access to Information, it's so touchy, this law," she said, which is true.

I was, however, allowed to ask for a "confirmation of events" report, which would basically outline the time, date and place of the accident. This would cost me the same amount as the full report.

Acknowledging that this was not really what I wanted, she kindly offered to tear up my cheque. But I asked her to send it anyway, because you know, why stop now, right?

Then she said that she could not send it, that I had to come to the station to pick it up with proof of identity, for matters of security. She immediately acknowledged that this was obviously unnecessary and that she would send it the same day. 

She was able to add the the officer noted the "presence of animal manure". I asked how he knew it was animal; she said she could only assume that he knew the difference. There will be no future action by the police on the matter as it is the jurisdiction of the MTQ; their road, their law.

I'll post the report when I get it. Then I might have it framed.


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