A Summer... A Fair: a perfect play for everyone



Kate Aley

Written by the wonderful Ian Tamblyn and brought to life by the equally wonderful Theatre Wakefield, A Summer... A Fair is a short play that will stay in your memory forever.

Part historical drama, part musical comedy and 100 percent heart, the play takes place in 1944 at the famed Cantley Picnic.

The remarkable six-person cast double and triple their roles to bring us the pie-making ladies, the hopeful lads, the dancing man and --- of course -- the herd of runaway cows with high hopes for the horse pull.

The last presentation of this play will be performed, free of charge, behind the Quyon Women's Institute on the sloping lawn. Drinks and popcorn are offered for sale. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.

Mere words cannot describe the total delight this play causes the audience. Perfect for young, old and everyone else.

I recommend seeing A Summer A Fair unreservedly.

Also it is free.

A Summer... A Fair

Sunday, September 3rd at 2 p.m.

The Quyon Women's Institute

​885 Rue Clarendon (opposite Onslow School)