A Tale of Two Approaches



Sheila McCrindle and Kevin Brady

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The MRC des Collines de Gatineau is comprised of 7 municipalities. The smallest Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette is small enough to be exempt from complying with the Provincial Residuals Strategy. The two most densely populated, Cantley and Chelsea, have respectively 83 and 60 people per square kilometre. These two municipalities also have the highest median household income by a considerable margin.

The other four municipalities each have a population density of 30 people or less per sq. km. With La Peche and Pontiac having an extremely low density of 13 /sq. km. The other 3 low-density municipalities have sensibly opted to promote home composting. Only Pontiac has decided that household collection is a good option.

Val des Monts http://www.val-des-monts.net/11-environnement#compostage

La Peche http://www.villelapeche.qc.ca/en/municipal-services/publicworks/composting/

L’Ange Gardien https://municipalitedelangegardien.com/?p=1243

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Not Lyme: woman struggles to recover after tick bite



Kate Aley

Two months ago, Ottawa high-school teacher Julia Brown* was a healthy woman enjoying a summer day at a riverside cottage. Yet a bite from a tick nearly took her life. But it was not Lyme disease; it was something worse.

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