UPDATE: Entrance to Luskville Falls restricted this spring



Kate Aley

The access to the Luskville Falls is currently blocked for an unspecified length of time due to renovations to the picnic area, the car park, the climbing trail and the access road itself. According to the sign, these areas are actually closed to the public. However the day I was there, several cars were parked along Ch. Hotel de Ville: I assume the people had walked along the road to the falls regardless. In a related topic, the sound of water on rock right now sounds like a passing train.

UPDATE: I called the NCC today -- third number lucky! -- and have this update. The rehabilitation of the trail is almost complete and is expected to be officially opened again on the last Friday in April. As the trail is generally closed over winter, this is it's traditional re-opening date anyway, but it will be weather dependant. While I had the lovely man on the line, I asked him what exactly had been done.

He said the signage and picnic area had been improved, but the trail was "the big focus of the renovation. A big chunk of the trail is in better shape and is now better identified," he explained. 

However, he added that, because of the danger inherent in the trail over winter, there is no intention (at this stage at least) of having the site accessable year-round.