The waterways of the Pontiac: new tourist trail to launch in June



Kate Aley

Sharp-eyed road sign readers will have noticed these new additions to our highway, this one opposite Chemin Wilson in Luskville. They have been erected in preparation for the launch of a new historical tourist initiative, Chemins d'Eau, on June 19.

The 278 km route will stretch from the Chutes Coulonge in Ft. Coulonge in the east, passing through Pontiac and Buckingham to Montebello in the west, including a loop up to Wakefield and Chelsea. It was designed by Tourisme Outaouais to help promote the history of the great rivers of the area and the communities that they created.

Emerson Velasco, development advisor for Tourisme Outaouais, says the route is intended to grow and develop to benefit the towns along its length. "The theme of the route is explain how these rivers have helped shape history," he said. "The signs will help guide the drivers. The launch in June will be followed by a publicity campaign and the publishing of an on-line and paper map. After this, we will work to add partners and attractions that fit with the theme."

The new Chemins d'Eau tourism route travels through three MRCs: Pontiac, des Collines-de-l'Outaouais and Papineau. Each center will host it's individual opening event, the Pontiacs' expected to be at a historic site near Ft. Coulonge. More information on the official launch will be released soon.