We are here: new municipal map helps residents feel pride



Kate Aley


Watch your mail boxes! A brand new map of the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP) will be on its way you within the next few weeks. Showing the entire area of the municipality as well as details of the more complicated street systems in villages and along the beaches, the map was created to replace a much older black and white version that had become obsolete.

Five thousand maps will be mailed out free of charge to MoP residents. The cost of printing was covered by business and community sponsors placing ads along the borders. "Maps will also be available at the Town Hall and local depanneurs," explained Dominic Labrie, communications officer for the municipality. "Some will also be sent to the National Capital Commission (NCC) in Gatineau and Ottawa as well as Tourisme Outaouais."

Labrie said the map took about two months to create. "We finished it between the two floods," he added with a laugh. Extra time was taken to ensure accuracy and also to get permission to use the photographs. "We wanted the pictures to show what is here, to attract people to the area," he said. "People of the Pontiac need to be proud of where they live."

An electronic version is available on the municipality's website at http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/files/1514/9737/4867/WEB-PONTIAC-CR9-...