Danger, stranger


As an Australian, the fire danger safety sign is a holy and unquestionable symbol of authority that stands between the community and unspeakable devastation.

Did you know that, as a result of a number of particularly deadly fires, the state of Victoria now has a 'black' rating?

Red denotes 'extreme'. So, the level of danger the colour black designates? 



But I digress.

Pictured is the fire safety sign sign at Terry Fox Road. It's quite possible that some foolish vandal-in-training has hauled on the arrow 'til it points dumbly out towards the road. I tried to force it back and down to indicate (I'm guessing) a current 'moderate' fire danger but I only had masking tape with me. We probably need duct.

All this to say, I may be a raving loony when it comes to this kind of thing, but considering that communities in Alberta and northern BC are currently evacuating due to the very, very early start to their fire season, maybe we could all stand to rave a little more about it.