Dring dring, scammers calling


Looks like the old "tax fraud" scam is headed around the region one more time. Yesterday, a neighbour described to me a long phone call she'd just had with some especially insistent men from Revenu Quebec* who claimed that she had not paid enough income tax and so the police were coming to take her to prison.

Now, we are all big grown-ups who have watched copious episodes of Law and Order, plus we know our rights as Canadians, so all of this is patently ludicrous.

But my neighbour got scared anyway. They were very, VERY insistent and, what is more, they called multiple times.

After finally ridding herself of these hoods, she called her accounting firm, Revenu Quebec and the police, in that order.

Of course it is a scam. But my neighbour didn't know; seems she had not heard about it anywhere, ever.

Please, everyone, mention this nonsensical but somehow effective scam to those in your circle of senior friends and relatives.

Although this tired old ploy is almost as well known as the fabled Nigerian princes who just need to borrow your bank account for a week or two, there are evidently those in our midst who are still vulnerable.

*... Correction: they said they were from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Apologies.