The State of Kate: To the EC, with love...


I don't know what you do when you listen to radio reports on the situation in Syria and the resulting refugee flood assaulting southern Europe.

Personally, I cry... which probably means I should stop listening to CBC in the car.

Just over the mountain in Wakefield, incredible things are happening: money is flowing into bank accounts and houses are being rented. Volunteers are forming committees and signing their names to forms to sponsor refugee families into the community.

Things are not moving in Pontiac. And I can empathise. As a community, we can only take on what we can effectively handle and sponsoring a family is a massive responsibility.

Yet the need to DO SOMETHING TO HELP feels overwhelming. It's hard not to despair and, occasionally, cry.

But here's something you can do for the people currently trapped in Greece, fleeing their ravaged homeland but unable to move forward to other European countries.

Sign the online petition at the Amnesty International website and ask Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, to take action and expedite the acceptance of these desperate people into European Council member countries.

You'll find lots of other ways to contact Tusk and other EC and EU leaders there too.

It's not like picking up a family of six from the airport and driving them to their safe, clean house in the hills, but it's something.




What's our excuse?

Should we bring a refugee family to the Pontiac? Should we seek out other ways to help instead? Do you have any couches and coffee tables to give away? Seriously.

What can we do? What can we DO?