What is summer for?


Summer is for being outside, for lounging, playing, relaxing in the sun. But summer is also the time for something far more important than fun and games.

Summer is when we grow food in Canada. 

Now you will have noticed that, for periods of time, conditions are less than ideal for growing food in this fair nation with its specific set of seasonal extremes also known as Very Cold Weather. Therefore, it is in summer that farmers must grow all the food. And for that they need rain. For, lo, when there is no rain, the food does not grow. 

And unless your food has been beamed into your fridge from the planet Zlorg, there's a high chance it has been grown in some place on this planet. Using water, that most likely fell out of the sky.

So enjoy your lounging and relaxing and whatnot over summer, for sure.

But please do not whine and puke when it rains. Because we're busy trying to grow your food out here and you can't water 110 acres of soy beans with a hose and a sprinkler.