Whose dog are you?


Thanks to a very detailed dog tag on a well-made dog collar, I was recently able to return a lost dog to her owner almost immediately. Not the dog pictured, another one. This is just a sample dog.

The lesson being: put a good dog tag on your dog! You never know.

Irrelevant fact:

I am his highness’s dog at Kew/ Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

An epigram by Alexander Pope, written in the 1730s and engraved on the collar of a puppy he gave to Frederick, Prince of Wales. 


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Not Lyme: woman struggles to recover after tick bite



Kate Aley

Two months ago, Ottawa high-school teacher Julia Brown* was a healthy woman enjoying a summer day at a riverside cottage. Yet a bite from a tick nearly took her life. But it was not Lyme disease; it was something worse.

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