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Too big


You are, no doubt, starting to get the idea that I have a 'thing' about fire.

Crazy thing, you see, is this:

During summer - although the grass is sometimes thick and green and the sky is sometimes cool and cloudy - things can seriously burn down anyway. These bonfire flames [seen last week at a lovely local home] were stretching at least 25 feet into the air, all within a spark's access of many tremendously flammable ditches and fields.

Pulling over to see if someone was in danger, I could actually hear the relaxed and appreciative chatter of people sitting happily while they watched. I could also feel the awful heat of the blaze though my car window... from the road, which was at least 20 feet away.

PLEASE please please be careful about what you set fire to until we have an inch of cold, deadening frost. Big thanks.

A true Eagle


Romeo Belisle has been hassling me about getting the Golden Eagles Hunting and Fishing Club into the news ever since I started working for one of our local publications, probably 2003. This year is the 40th and last year of the Golden Eagles. My hat is off to this remarkable man for his endless hard work, insight, foresight and truly extraordinary determination.

More to come . . .

A sad little tiny golden gift


Alas, alas.

Our windows are festooned with hanging decorations on the inside (and smeared with eight months of filth outside) but neither of these visual cues stopped this little lovely from ending her life against the glass. I am so sad. She's a Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia) as far as I can tell. Larger birds have bumped into our windows, shaken their heads for a bit and flown away but I guess this golden tiny was too tiny. All I can do is share her perfection.


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