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Writer Katharine Fletcher discovers Manoir Papineau and more in Outaouais’ Montebello village.


Katharine Fletcher

Ottawa Citizen

“In the isolation of this location, I have been architect, farmer, designer and gardener.” So wrote Louis-Joseph Papineau, who oversaw the construction of Manoir Papineau between 1848-50, now a Parks Canada National Historic Site of Canada. Located on the property of Fairmont Le Château Montebello, the house is available to visit, and various guided tours and events are available.

The Manoir is architecturally interesting because Papineau was influenced by both French and American styles. While the north façade borrows a mid-19th Century North Carolinian antebellum plantation style, the asymmetrical south side is French, featuring two differently-shaped turrets.

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The story of the Ottawa River: Priceless and precarious


Roy MacGregor
Globe and Mail

"Every day on this river is an adventure.” Judith Flynn-Bedard is speaking from the stern of Pier Pressure II, the small cabin cruiser she owns with her husband, Robert, and she shakes her head at a string of memories.

There was the day a sleek boat with a menacing tiger chained to the deck pulled into the marina. There was the dawn she was awakened by a yacht full of drunks pulling in after a night of wild partying with hired strippers. There was the time she found a frogman checking the hull of her boat – in preparation for the day George W. Bush descended from the sky in the presidential helicopter on a 2007 visit.

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Actually, It’s About Ethics in Book Reviewing


Jonathan Crowe

As I mentioned in a previous post, I appeared on a panel called “It’s Actually About Ethics: Reviewing the Work of Colleagues and Friends” at Readercon. That was last weekend. Scott Edelman recorded video of that panel, so you can see me in all my questionable glory. As you will see, I have a few suggestions about who you should and should not review.

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Le centre de la famille de Quyon


Quyon Library - Bibliothèque de Quyon


Cegep Heritage College


Annonce importante pour l'éducation supérieure en Outaouais ce matin. Le Cegep Héritage reçoit 11,9 millions de $ de...

Posted by André Fortin on Monday, April 13, 2015


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